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Behind the joyful scenes of your nursery lies a world of financial admin and occupancy management. With customisable features that can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your nursery, you can confidently manage child schedules, staff, rotations, invoices and funding with eymanage.


From single nurseries to multi-nursery groups, eyworks is supercharging nurseries of all sizes every day. With eymanage, our nursery management software, you can increase the productivity, accuracy, and efficiency of your nursery operations. Discover what we can do to help your nursery settings.

“eyworks is a fantastic system. We are seeing tasks and processes be more streamlined. We are extremley pleased with our relationship with eyworks and look forwards to what they will introduce next. knowing how much they are investing into their product.”

Karl Goodridge

Operations Manager
Caring Kindergartens

eyworks is trusted by single nurseries to countrywide groups

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