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Behind the joyful scenes of your nursery lies a world of financial admin and occupancy management which we will help streamline.

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Child session booking

Set multiple session rate types and block book children’s schedules.

Automatic room movement

Enable automatic room movement to give an accurate view of future room occupancy.

Invoice and forecasts

Bulk-generate invoices for all children and view projected future revenue.

Transactions /payments

View transaction activity and collect fees via card and direct debit.

Funding allocation

Assign funding terms and set priorities to automatically deduct funding from a child’s invoice.

Debtors information

See outstanding debt and send automated debtors letters to bill payers.

Staff absence

Receive and review staff holiday requests and monitor all staff absence.

Staff training

Manage staff qualifications and stay up-to-date with training courses.


Securely store important documents for children and staff on their profile.

Calendar and events

Schedule events for each branch, parents, staff and children and set up automatic reminders.


Communicate and share files in direct or group messages to staff and/or parents.

Business reporting

Easy-to-use dashboards and custom reports which export as CSV files for simple transfer to other systems.

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