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Katie Rawles

Area Manager
I have recently begun using your eymanage services and feel it is a fantastic piece of software. I have been using your enquiry pages and find that incredibly useful to be able to store and access the details of potential families as well as sharing them with the owners.

Jacqui Stoneman


Practitioners earlier had to spend time out from children to write up the observations and we no longer need to buy expensive printer cartridges, paper, and separate cameras. I will save at least a few thousand pounds this year alone!

Natalie Queenan

Nursery Manager
Having been so impressed with the eylog system it was without question that we would also use the eymanage system. It is one of the BEST decisions I have made in terms of the management of the nursery, the ease of generating and sending invoices saves me so many hours each month.

Jane Faulkner


The more we learn about the eylog tablet, the more impressed I am with it. Every time we use it, it’s a voyage of new discoveries and it never ceases to amaze me in its capabilities and how it can be used for evidence of the children’s learning, to help planning, assessing progress and the learning journeys are just wonderful.

Helen Hobbs

Managing Director
On-boarding was simple and quick, and the support from the eylog team has been very prompt. eylog has reduced laborious paperwork and post-it notes, and more importantly increased parent engagement. It is a comprehensive solution and definitely recommended!

Kila Patel


eymanage has made my operational duties as a single setting, where I am responsible for all aspects of the business, more effective. Holding HR, child’s data, invoicing, scheduling and many other functions in one place has revolutionised my working life.

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