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New enquiries keep your business running and we can help you track them through from initial contact all the way to new child enrolment.

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From interest to enrolment

Reduce paperwork by managing your enquiry process fully online, from initial contact form to conversion and enrolment reporting.

Automate your enquiries

Create custom workflows to automate follow-up tasks and keep track of the enquiry status by easily moving through the enquiry pipeline.

Registration done for you

Collect registration details through a fully customisable online form and enrol children to eymanage at the click of a button.

Make a great first impression every time!

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Uncover more super powers

Online enquiry form

Collect enquiry details with your own online enquiry form which can be embedded in your website.

Enquiry information

View extensive enquiry details and preferences from all sources in one place.

Pipeline view

Track and progress enquiries through your own custom enquiries process pipeline.

Map view

View enquiries by home location in our map view to help with targeted marketing.

Workflows and automation

Create bespoke workflows and set timely follow-ups and next stage reminders.

Activities and notes

Schedule phone calls, emails and tasks in your to do list and add notes following conversations with parents.

Schedule visits

Book visit dates and times for prospective parents and log as attended or cancelled.


Communicate and share files in direct or group messages to enquiry parents.


Add and manage enquiries on your waitlist if required.

Registration form

Brand and customise your online registration form to capture all the child’s details directly from parents.

Child enrolment

Easily enrol enquiries into eymanage to create a child profile with all their details.

Business reporting

Analyse your enrolment success with extensive reports available to export as CSV files.

Customer success stories

Learn more about how we help your team work.

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