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eyworks is everything your nursery needs! A suite of Early Years software tools which cover all of your nursery management requirements in one easy-to-manage place – from invoicing and scheduling to parental engagement and children’s learning journeys, with everything in between!
eymanage is an innovative web-based nursery management platform that offers simple and flexible session scheduling and occupancy charts, provides automated funding and invoicing and simple payment processing (including Direct Debit), as well as staff management and much more.
eylog is an Ofsted compliant and secure online learning journey solution. It is an integrated web and tablet based application for nurseries and childcare providers to easily capture observations and manage the learning and development journey of a child in an electronic format. eylog helps nurseries transform the process of recording observations and creating a child’s learning journey – reducing the time and effort spent on capturing, maintaining and tracking observations manually and enabling practitioners to focus more on providing the best early years education. The ultimate aim of both nurseries and parents.
eyenquiries helps nurseries manage new child enquiries and enrolment using online enquiry and registration forms alongside workflow and email templates to automate their processes.
eyrecruit is a sector-specific recruitment tracking system, providing nurseries with a single system to create job adverts, publish these across multiple job boards, receive candidate applications and manage the candidate through the entire hire process.
eyengage is a secure community platform allowing nurseries to post content, send out surveys and create events for parents and staff across the nursery/group in one go whilst remaining in  control over which audiences see each post.
eyparent is a dedicated app that aims to engage parents and help them to understand their child’s development on a more regular and real-time basis, through their child’s learning journey. Nurseries can keep parents informed and involved with comments, home observations, daily diaries, reports, accident/incident sheets and messages. When integrated with eymanage and payment gateways, parents also have a full overview of their account and can view and pay invoices online.


Yes, the eyworks suite uses WiFi to connect to the internet and to upload the data to the eyworks servers. However, the eylog tablet application also works in an offline mode which allows you to record observations even without internet connectivity, for example during outdoor visits to the garden/forests.
No, all that is needed is a web-browser (such as Google Chrome or Safari) and you can access the eyworks suite from anywhere where there is an internet connection.
At a minimum we recommend having one tablet per group or room. At the other extreme, you can have one tablet per nursery practitioner. If a room has more than 2-3 nursery staff, it may become difficult for the staff to share the tablets, however you can add more at any time as you work out what suits your team.
Yes, the eylog tablet application runs on both iPads (iOS 9 and above) and Android (Android 8 and above) tablets with a minimum 7 inch screen. The eyparent app is also available on both iOS and Android on all mobile phones and tablets.
Yes, the eylog tablet application works in an offline mode which allows you to record observations from anywhere. Once you return to the nursery and a WiFi connection is available, the tablet will automatically be synchronised with the eyworks server and all data will be saved as normal. All other features on eyworks would need an internet connection as they require real-time information from our servers.
We will set up your system within 1-2 working days of receiving your contract sign up documents, including importing child and staff profile data. An onboarding call will be scheduled with our Support and Training team during your first week. We understand that implementing a new system is a big commitment and we are here to help along the way.
Our eyworks team can import any child and staff profile data provided at no extra cost during your system set up.
Here at eyworks we have a dedicated training team that are experts across our products who can be booked for online and onsite training. Training is optional and a lot of customers say that with our demo and onboarding process combined with the ease of use of the products, they don’t require initial training.


Yes, indeed! Once you register parents on eyworks, they can view their child’s learning journey, reports, invoices and much more on our free dedicated eyparent app. Parents can also contribute by adding their own observations to eyparent and comment and interact with the practitioners in real-time about their child’s observations. With eymanage and payment gateway integrations, parents also have a full overview of their account and can view and pay invoices online.
Up to six parent logins can be created to share information with grandparents, carers and other relatives as required. On eymanage these can be defined further by parental responsibility, authorised to collect, bill payer, etc. On eylog all parents/carers get full access to the child’s learning journey and much more. When the nursery publishes information or observations for the child a notification will be sent to the relevant parents.
If you register a parent for more than one child, they will be able to view information or observations for all their children through one login.
Parents can create home observations to add to their child’s development, for example if a child is doing something notable at home that they are not doing at the nursery. Practitioners can review and add assessments to parent observations before they become part of the child’s learning journey, giving your staff overall control. Medicine forms and pre-existing accidents can also be recorded by parents from their app.

Parents can download a PDF copy of their child’s learning journey or place an order for one of our eymemories products as a keepsake of their child’s time at nursery.

eyworks Limited is not responsible and/or liable for any shipping delays and/or losses during transit. In some cases, the information will be passed on to a third party company for printing. As all items are personalised we have a strict no refunds policy.


eyworks apps are backed by AWS Cloud Infrastructure. We host customer data in the London Data Center distributed across multiple Availability Zones. Our Infrastructure is built over multiple availability zones and is designed in line with Amazon’s “Well Architected” Security principles to ensure that we achieve maximum security and performance from their environment. This is backed up by Amazon’s 99.99% uptime service level agreements to ensure that the platform is highly available.
All communication between the tablets/servers/browsers is through HTTPS and encrypted using industry grade SSL Certificates which encrypt data in transit using SHA-256 & RSA hashing algorithms. You will see the green bar in the browser indicating HTTPS (encrypted) communication.
No, the names of children/practitioners, etc. are all stored in secure databases which are not accessible to any search engine. All access to nursery data is protected by user IDs and passwords preventing any search engine from crawling them.

When a child leaves the nursery, you have the option to make their profile inactive.


On eylog once a child profile is made inactive, it is moved to the inactive child list and becomes read-only meaning you cannot add any new content such as observations or daily diaries. 60 days after the profile has been made inactive, all media associated with this child will be deleted. Anytime before the profile is deleted, you (and the parents depending on your system settings) can download the entire learning journey, accident sheets, medicine forms, etc to keep a back up. We also offer special, paid formats of the learning journey such as download links and mugs in eymemories!


Inactive eymanage profiles are retained indefinitely unless you specifically request us to delete them. This is done so as to maintain the historical financial data which is required for some nurseries for reporting & legal purposes.

Yes, all data is regularly backed-up by the AWS automatic backup mechanism. The backups are incremental so that they can be restored to a point in time if any disasters happen that results in data loss. There are a fixed number of previous backups saved at any given point in time and the older ones are over-written as new back-ups are created. Access to these back-ups are available only to the core team.

Yes, eyworks apps for nurseries are compliant to the extent required on or before 25th May 2018 and will continue to comply on an ongoing basis. You can learn more about eyworks and GDPR at

Yes, eyworks offers a Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) in which we commit to protect your data in accordance with GDPR. A signed copy of the DPA can be received by emailing to
To provide world-class security and we ensure our platform meets key industry standards. eyworks is certified against IASME standards for Information & Cyber Essentials backed by the UK Government. Additionally our service provider AWS is ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 certified. We monitor our infrastructure using external and internal vulnerability scanning. We perform regular audits and security assessments with independent and globally recognized security assessment firms.


No, all our prices are exclusive of VAT.
Yes, you are purchasing an initial 12 month licence for all our products. We are so confident you will love it we provide a 30 days satisfaction guarantee at the start of your contract.

Yes, child top-ups are available on our eymanage and eylog products for £11/month or £121/year per product. Please contact us to customise the top-ups as per your requirements.

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