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Simplify engagement and build better relationships with your families and staff to grow your nursery community.

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Share more with more

Create an activity feed

Build your member community

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Share posts

Engage your audience by selecting what you wish to send and who will see the post.

Media upload

Share multiple photos, videos and files with your community members.

Customise posts

Choose if your post requires confirmation and/or if your members can love and comment.

Activity feed

View all posts and polls in one searchable activity feed.

Parent community

Connect and increase engagement with parents as partners.

Staff engagement

Communicate important information with staff and get their feedback in one secure place.

Organise with categories

Easily manage users and their role within the community.

Member roles

Organise posts into categories to help members filter or search their feed.

Vote with polls

Create customised polls to get votes and feedback from your staff and/or parent community.

Publicise events (COMING SOON!)

Publish upcoming events with date and time details and get attendance responses.

Share on socials

Integrate with and share to leading social media platforms in just one click.

Reporting (COMING SOON!)

View your engagement statistics with reports available to export as CSV files.

Harness the power of engagement!

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