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Where Can I Advertise For Childcare Staff? Exploring Nursery Job Boards

It has been well documented that the childcare sector is currently experiencing significant difficulties attracting and retaining quality staff. Unlike other businesses, it is one of the few industries that require qualified staff in defined legal ratios and therefore essential that you are able to identify and recruit quality candidates. This article looks at one of the most effective means of achieving this, dedicated nursery job boards.

Understanding Nursery Job Boards

In simple terms, nursery job boards are online platforms where employers can post job vacancies related to the childcare sector. These platforms are designed to attract individuals who have the necessary qualifications, skills, and passion for working with children. They serve as a bridge between employers and potential employees, making the recruitment process more streamlined and efficient.

The advantage of using nursery job boards over general job portals is that they attract a niche audience. This means that your job postings will be seen by individuals who are genuinely interested in working within the childcare sector, thereby increasing your chances of finding suitable candidates.

A good example of a modern, dynamic job board is the recently launched Jobs by eyrecruit This job board allows you to create a company profile to help promote your business to candidates, add your company logo, digital links and a detailed description of the role you are seeking to fill. It also integrates directly with the eyrecruit applicant tracking system to help fully manage your recruitment process. From a candidate’s perspective, they are able to search job listings by job type, salary range, location, company name and other categories such as ‘Apprentice’ or ‘Early Years Practitioner’. This ensures that you are able to match the role you are seeking to fill with appropriate candidates – saving time and money and speeding the recruitment process.

Maximising the Potential of Nursery Job Boards

While posting your vacancies on nursery job boards is a great first step, there are ways to maximise their potential and attract the best candidates. Here are a few tips:

Write Clear and Detailed Job Descriptions

Ensure that your job descriptions are clear, detailed, and accurately represent the role. Include information about the required qualifications, skills, responsibilities, and any specific requirements related to your nursery or childcare setting.

Use Relevant Keywords

Using relevant keywords in your job postings can help them appear in search results when potential candidates search for jobs. For example, if you’re looking for a nursery practitioner, use keywords like ‘nursery practitioner’, ‘nursery nurse’, or ‘early years educator’.

Offer Competitive Salaries and Benefits

To attract the best candidates, it’s important to offer competitive salaries and benefits. Highlight these in your job postings to make them more appealing. 

Respond Promptly

When candidates apply for your vacancies, make sure to respond promptly. This not only shows professionalism but also helps you secure top talent before they find other opportunities. Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) such as eyrecruit will help you to manage a smooth and efficient recruitment process, helping you be able to respond as quickly as possible.

Share your Chosen Job Board

Share your job board with people in your local community, such as local colleges and sixth forms, to increase the probability of your job being seen by the right candidates.

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