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Sustainability and eco-nurseries – a growing trend

One of the most heart warming trends in nurseries of recent years has been an even more proactive stance than ever before on being eco-friendly. With climate change being discussed more and more by world leaders and businesses at every level it is great to see nurseries doing their bit for the world. From ditching plastic toys (in responsible ways!) to using more planet friendly wet wipes – nurseries are doing their bit. 

Many nurseries are taking things further and spending more time teaching children about how we can protect our planet. Finding out about plastic in oceans can encourage children to think about how they can help – both now and in the future. Letting parents know about this ethos also encourages them to continue this work at home too!

Outdoor environments are also important to connect children with nature. Building bug hotels and promoting wilding areas of the garden can help to bring nature into your setting and many nurseries are opting to spend even more time outside exploring the many visitors to the garden alongside the children. 

Newer build settings have even been able to build in green and sustainable ways and add green energy and low water waste toilet facilities. Solar panels to help harness energy and reduce energy bills can also help long term although the cost outlay can be prohibitive. 

Nurseries are also buying only natural fabrics for blankets and cots, and buying locally made products for the nursery, to ensure as low a carbon footprint as possible. 

We love hearing from our customers about the changes they are making to become more eco friendly and there are many awards which settings are applying for to showcase their commitment to the environment. 

What we love most about this is the role modelling this provides to our future generations of change makers for the world. Where many parents are concerned that the world will not be as great a place for their children and future grandchildren, nurseries are showing them that all is not lost and there is plenty more still to do which families can all help with. 

When we think about ‘Understanding the World’ it is great to see young people take an active part in being themselves in that world too. They are not mere bystanders but integral parts of our current and future world. Eco friendly practices are a great way for them to see the difference they can make. Learning more about the nature around them, and feeling a connection to it, will no doubt stand them in a good position to see how they can make even more impact as they grow up. 

Growing their own foods and helping to prepare the lunch with their homegrown produce, taking care of their garden creatures, and spending time in the open air, help to bond children with their environment and learn valuable skills along the way.

We know many settings also bring more of the outside in. With tuff trays filled with grass, bark and sticks to explore with and natural fibres for covers and rugs to walk on barefoot. 

Many settings are also making the most of their local environment and helping children to see their setting as reflective of their wider area. So those who are near to the sea might decorate with wood and shells from the beach, for example.

Where settings are able to make use of locally sourced natural items – from forest walks or beach days or visits to local farms – children are able to see how their lives sit in this bigger world they are part of. 

Do send us your photos from your settings – especially your amazing outdoor areas as we love to see them! We hope this eco trend is here to stay as we know it can change the world!

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