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St Andrew’s Day

Celebrated on 30 November, Saint Andrew’s Day is Scotland‘s official national day and is the feast day of Andrew the Apostle, marked with a celebration of Scottish culture with traditional Scottish food and music.

Here’s some activity ideas to celebrate:

  • Make your own tartan.
  • Share the story of St Andrew.
  • Create a Scottish flag collage.
  • Make some tartan bunting
  • Play Scottish music and learn some Scottish dancing.
  • Look at Scotland on a map. Have any children visited Scotland, do any have family or friends who live there?
  • Create your own version of the Highland games.
  • Make Cock-a-leekie soup, talk about the ingredients.
  • Look at a thistle and talk about the history of it becoming the Scottish emblem.
  • Discuss poems by Robert Burns – Can children make their own poems about Scotland?
  • Use building blocks to create castles.
  • Create Nessie’s out of egg cartons or playdough.
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