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Our flexible implementation and unique pricing structure lets you build the platform that works best for your business. eyworks product subscriptions include all available features so you won’t have to pay extra for the tools your team require. From single nurseries to countrywide groups, our pricing is based on the size of your setting meaning you only pay for what you need.  

Use the slider below to to see how much you will pay or book a demo to learn more before you buy.
How many children do you have on roll at your setting?
Prices are based on child numbers at the setting and include all features and updates on the system and email, phone and chat support. For more than 200 children, top ups are available in multiples of 50 children/20 staff available upon request. Prices are per branch and exclusive of VAT.
How many open vacancies do you have?
Prices are based on the number of active jobs and include all product features and updates on the system and email, phone and chat support. Jobs can be purchased in bundles of 2, 5 or 10 jobs per company or on a pay as you go plan. Prices are per organisation and exclusive of VAT.
Total Price:
£22.00 + £9.00
5% eymanage and eylog discount
100% eyenquiries discount
Your Price:

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We set up your system and support you through our step-by-step Getting Started programme of training calls – all for free.

We offer extensive onboarding support to all new customers through our detailed Getting Started Plan that will help you get your system setup in the best way for your business. Additional free online training opportunities are also available to deepen your knowledge and help you become an eyworks expert. 

From the articles in the Help Centre, to our diligent support team, to additional training calls that can help refresh you on the system, we’re always here to help.


No, we believe that you should be able to benefit from all our wonderful features without paying extra. Our flexible implementation means all our products can be taken completely standalone or in any combination you require. Our subscriptions are based on the number of children you have on roll instead meaning you have access all available features whilst paying based on the the size of your setting.

Absolutely not! With eyworks you can implement just the software required to fit your business needs.

Yes, you can add products or change the number of children you need on the system at any time. To discuss these changes, simply reach out to our friendly eyworks superheroes.

Yes, child top-ups are available on our eymanage and eylog products for £11/month or £121/year per product. Please contact us to customise the top-ups as per your requirements.

No, all our prices are exclusive of VAT.

All our product subscriptions are taken on an initial 12 months licence period after which you can cancel with three months notice. We hope you won’t want to though! In fact we are so confident you will love it we provide a 30 days satisfaction guarantee at the start of your contract.

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